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6 Best Persuasion Principle In Copywriting

Before we talk a lot about copywriting, maybe you don’t know what is definition about copywriting.

Copywriting is one of the marketing strategies for offering product or services through internet medium, can be a blog, social media, or anything else.

Copywriting is closely related to the advertisement. So you need to know about the advertisement too. Advertisement is one of communication method to motivate or offering product or service to the potential buyer.

Copywriting exactly make the persuasion toward a customer. So the customer can be interesting to your product.

There a lot of strategies to make the best copywriting. Right now you can use this method to make your product sold out in the fastest way.

You need to know how to make the persuasion in copywriting.

There are six principle persuasion

1. Reciprocity

Reciprocity Principle
Reciprocity Principle

The first principle is reciprocity, you have to make reciprocity with the customer. How to do that?

For example, if someone helps you in one incident, you have to help them sometime when they need your help.

That’s call reciprocity. In the realm of selling or offering, you have to give them the good thing gradually. Example share a great article about their problem, then you can offer your product after that. That’s for the solution to their problem.

The second example is you can give them a free trial product, hopefully, they can buy your product in a large amount.

2. Commitment and consistency

Commitment and Consistency principle
Commitment and Consistency principle

Commitment and consistency is an important thing that must be obeyed in buying and selling activities. When you commit and consistent, you have to maintain your spirit.

Sometimes more difficult than just getting started. When you already in this niche, you have to push until reach your success.

For example, when you will make a pre-launching product. You must do an announcement, so your customer isn’t confused about your movement.

3. Social proof

Social proof principle
Social proof principle

To make another customer trust to your product or services, you have to make a testimonial that can tell your product is good for them.

Show to your target market that product is the solution for the problem they have. Show good testimonial about your product, but remember, don’t make it exaggerate, because that will make prospective buyer is doubting your product.

Just give the Best Seller label to the product which has sold in a large amount.

But remember, don’t forget another product, because all your product has to be sold.

4. Like

Liking principle
Liking principle

Generate like feeling and comfortable to target market is one of the principles. Try to build empathy and sympathy to target market with friendly ways.

Tell your product without compelling, so you need to avoid Impression does not matter to them.

5. Authority

Authority principle
Authority principle

To measure your authority, first, you have to do a reset of your product, is your product or services is already making an authority compared to similar products?

Search on google the same phrase or keyword, is your product appear or not?

6. Scarcity

Scarcity principle
Scarcity principle

Everyone is love limited edition product, you have to make a good product, then you need to make like limited edition offer, rare product, or an early bird.

More and more of your products that look rare, that will increase your chance to make the customer more interested to buy.

First thing makes a limited product, then promote it. If that work, just repeats until you reach success.

That’s six persuasion principle have to apply in your copywriting.

Hopefully, you can make a great sale.

Yes easy, not complicated 🙂

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